A Much-Sought-After Expert of the History of the American Motion Picture Industry

Bison Archives / Productions has consulted on approximately 25 Hollywood feature films. We develop production strategies, provide professional research to help the writer, producer and director to formulate a production plan or concept, and fulfill requests from the studio art departments and art director-production designers.

Bison Archives / Productions was the technical advisor on the production of Chaplin (1992), a film that spanned Chaplin’s entire life. Bison consulted throughout the film’s production, from script pre-production to its final release, providing information on the life and times of Charlie Chaplin.

We also consulted on The Lot, an original TV project. Produced for American Movie Classics, the TV series depicted the life and times of an American movie studio in the late 1930s. We worked closely with the writers, providing historical information on all aspects of studio life in the 30s. We created storyline concepts and supplied authentic research on historical characters, environments and situations for each episode of the series.

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