Marc Wanamaker

Marc Wanamaker is a world-class expert and consultant in film history who has worked in many facets of film production, exhibition, and research for several decades. He holds degrees in theater arts, music and history. He has extensive administration experience with the American Film Institute and is a published historian, lecturer, and teacher who taught film history at UCLA Extension for five years.

After co producing musical concerts and film expositions, he assisted in forming the American Film Institute facilities in Beverly Hills in 1969. He had been an AFI staff member for seven years when he began to produce-direct and consult on documentaries related to the history of the motion picture industry. He engaged in many areas of study while he focused on writing the Encyclopedia of Motion Picture Studios in the United States.

Wanamaker is a founder of the Los Angeles International Film Exposition, known as FILMEX, founded in 1971, and was involved in forming The American Cinematheque. His vast experience co-producing film festivals and expositions led to a position as program consultant with the Pordenone Silent Film Conference in Italy. He has tapped into his world-class archive to produce several historical film festivals, conferences and programs.

Bison’s extensive and unique photo archive, assembled over an almost 40-year period, is used for story research, publishing, international media outlets and documentary film production and is an information source for several Bison Productions (link to film projects.

Bison Archives has consulted on more than 100 documentary films. From Hollywood: The Pioneers, a 13-hour history of Hollywood films of the silent era, to biography documentaries of Hollywood studio personalities, Marc Wanamaker has played an integral part in everything from script preparation to researching historical photographs. Bison Archives is a leading expert on art and antiques, “silent stars” in their own right that have enhanced film production values for some of the greatest motion pictures. Wanamaker with his associate Eugene Edelman is currently developing a book and an exhibition on the subject

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