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Bison Archives is a production and research consulting organization for motion picture and television studios, and production companies and related institutions, as well as museums, libraries, media and historical societies nationwide. We provide information, advice and intellectual property on all levels of involvement with film/television pre-production to post production.

Established in Los Angeles, California in 1971, Bison Archives adopted the trademark logo of “Bison Life Motion Pictures” or “Bison Films,” which was founded in New York in 1909. Bison Archives is led by its principal officer Marc Wanamaker.

“Hollywood has always been a cage…a cage to catch our dreams.”
- John Huston

Bison Archives’ extensive historical motion picture and Los Angeles Area photograph library is used to provide services to various organizations. These unique materials aid private research and are a source for internally developed Bison Productions film/television projects and book publications internationally. We strategize and provide unique professional research required by film writers, producers, directors, authors and universities.

Bison Archives/Productions continues to consult to various institutions as well as film and television companies on a wide variety of projects. We are proud of our extensive list of past and present clients.

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